About Us

Who are we?

The Annie's Frugal Finery Team

Annie’s is an upscale consignment store that sells gently used name-brand and designer clothing, shoes, accessories, and household items.

We stock pieces that are in great condition and are on-trend or classic and timeless. Most items are priced at one-third of regular retail cost.

When customers walk into our store, they see a clean, well-designed store with organized shelves and racks that make shopping enjoyable.

Merchandise is organized by color and size within each section making it easier to shop. We offer personal shopping services and event specific shopping. Community events throughout the year include open houses, Pink Tuesday, and semi-annual extravaganzas.

One of the greatest things about our store is the strong connection we have to our communities and our dedication to environmentally responsible practices.

Our inventory comes from consignors that have name-brand and designer pieces in their closet that they no longer wear or have never worn. Approximately, 30% of our inventory is new with tags.

Annie’s sells items for consignors and HALF of our gross sales goes back into the pockets of our consignors within our communities and promotes the reuse of goods. We partner with local artisans such as those that have created skincare lines and offer them space within our store at no cost. We contribute to community events that promote music, arts, and local markets.

We are passionate about promoting a sustainable lifestyle that is the opposite of fast fashion and items that are not ethically sourced. 

Our store is solar powered, our lighting is LED, and everything we do helps to cut down on landfill waste and the reproduction of making goods that take a human and environmental toll.

As an employer, we work diligently to provide jobs that are career worthy. All our employees receive health insurance, paid holidays, and a week paid vacation yearly. 


 Our Team



Debbie, Founder of Annie's Frugal Finery Annie, namesake of Annie's Frugal Finery

Debbie Campbell

Hello I’m Debbie! I’m a proud entrepreneur and innovator who started Annie’s in October of 2009.  I am a retired Highly Skilled Educator and Fullbright Memorial Fund Scholar who transformed her love of finding a great deal into the amazing business that Annie’s has become. Finding a great item at a wonderful price is a joy in life! Providing the opportunity for others to experience consignment and to shop locally, while helping to save the environment and provide an avenue for community members to earn cash is a dream come true. I love to travel, read, spend time with my family and of course, shop consignment.  My dreams and plans for Annie’s are still growing and evolving so stay tuned for what’s coming next!

Annie Campbell

Hello my name is Annie Campbell. I am a graduate of Morehead State University with a degree in business administration. I am the namesake for Annie’s Frugal Finery. I work along side my wonderful mother and other colleagues. I love to travel, hike and spend time with my amazing friends and family. I have always loved consignment shopping. I love working at Annie’s! I am constantly striving to make Annie’s better each day. I look forward to many more years of doing what I love!

Autumn | Annie's Frugal Finery

Lisa Braswell

Hi I’m Lisa!  I am a graduate of Morehead State University and a retired Elementary school teacher.  Now I am a sales associate at Annie’s Frugal Finery and I love it!  Annie’s has given me the opportunity to meet many people and begin a new chapter in my life!  It’s a great place to be!

Autumn Hicks

Hey I’m Autumn! My style has bounced around over the years, a lot, and that’s okay! One day I may be edgy, the next a little boho or hippie, maybe sporty. That’s the beauty of this establishment. We have all those styles right here in one place for you! Being part of the Annie’s Team  allows us to help you find your niche in fashion. That’s what I love about my job!

Shyenne | Annie's Frugal Finery

Shyenne Bates

My name is Shyenne Bates. I just graduated high school as part of the 2020 class. My entire life I have moved to and lived in many different states, which means being surrounded by many different types of art, music, and people! From country folks right here in the Appalachian, to cowboys in Wyoming and hippies in Oregon, I have been part of many different cultures. This has really impacted my style and my art, as it’s a mod podge of all the people I’ve met and looked up to all throughout my life. What I love about Annie’s is that it’s never the same two days in a row and it welcomes so many different types of people, since there truly is something for everyone.

Makayla Eversole

Hi I’m Makayla! I am currently a student at Alice Lloyd College working towards my degree in Biology and have plans to attend the University of Kentucky in the future for med school. I got my first job here at Annie’s Frugal Finery back in June and I couldn’t have asked for a better first job! I love coming into work everyday not only because of my coworkers but because of our amazing customers as well. I’m so thankful that I get to be a part of the Annie’s Frugal Finery team.