Why Consignment?

Consignment ROCKS! (Here’s why!)

To say we have a passion for consignment is an understatement!

We love our store, Annie’s Frugal Finery, and the opportunities it presents for our consignors and customers. In the overall industry, consignment continues to outpace retail stores at a growth of about 7% annually. Consignment has become destination shopping!

At Annie’s Frugal Finery we see a wide range of consignors & customers in Whitesburg, KY. People from every surrounding county and several bordering states make trips to consign and shop with us. At Annie’s, we bring people into our county that might not otherwise have a reason to visit!

At almost 3500 consignors and countless customers, we have an extensive base of people who make our store a destination.

There are many incentives for shopping consignment.

First, who can resist a great deal!

At Annie’s, you can expect to find great brands, luxury items and unique home décor - all at about one-third or less than what you’d pay full retail.

Those Tory Burch flats that are normally $225 can be purchased for $48! Or perhaps you’d prefer that Ann Taylor spring sweater for $12 that is normally $69!

Being able to buy high quality items that aren’t going to fall apart when you wash them for extremely low prices is appealing to EVERYONE!

Another reason you can feel happy with buying secondhand first- it helps people and its good for the economy. When you shop at Annie’s, you are putting money back into the hands of your neighbors. Fifty percent of our GROSS SALES goes right back into the community.

Let me repeat that — half of our gross sales, NOT PROFITS, go right back in the hands of a real person.

Shopping at Annie’s helps your neighbor, community, and local economy. Resale shopping attracts consumers from all economic levels. There is no typical resale shopper, just as there is no typical resale shop.

No one is immune to the excitement of finding a treasure and saving money. Savvy shoppers take advantage of the opportunity resale offers to save money on apparel, furniture, and other consumer goods. These savings can add quality to life when used for vacations, entertainment, funding college and retirement accounts, and expanding family activities.

So, by shopping at Annie’s you are also helping YOU. We love the thrill that our customers feel when they get great deals or when they hear how much money they've made by selling items they no longer need or want. We love our customers, consignors, and community. And we love being an upscale consignment shop in Whitesburg, KY. Consignment is a good thing!

Y’all come see us!

Shop Happy at Annie's Frugal Finery!